360 Remote Revenue Management

Profitablerooms.com offers the services through its team of revenue managers who has worked at some of the leading hospitality establishments across the planet and will bring this to your property.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is at the heart of our business. This offering includes the most holistic 65 pointer inhouse scorecard based revenue management that helps you install several best practices at once. If you are passionate about Revenue Management, this is the offering for your hotel. Current results have shown incremental value upwards of 7%

Strategic Outlook based decision making

Our Revenue management experts read the market conditions to stretegise 365 days in advance. Rate strategies across all market segements are reviewed to prevent leakage. The result is RevPAR leadership followed by enhanced profitability.This next generation offering provides a 360 RM support with complete ownership of the process.

Million USD Revenue Managed
Increase in Corporate ADR
Avg Increase in Transient Revenue
Avg increase in direct reservations
Million Upsell Revenue

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